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" the historical explanation " of the event. They were
right in this, though, as we have seen, they were wrong
if they imagined that such explanatory data could have,
the effect of authorising the exoneration of the culprits.
What is remarkable, however, is the fact that when
confronted by the identical crime in a follower of Franco,
the identical atrocity in the ranks of the Nazis, they
pursued a totally different course, closed down on all
historical explanation and insisted on the moral issue
clear and clean. Having taken this stand they were able
to expose all other people's attempts at historical
explanation as a crime against morality, and the sleight-
of-hand was hardly detectable. One witness tells us that
English soldiers, fighting the E.L.A.S. in Greece,
declared the atrocities of the rebels to be so appalling as
to make the armies of Germany appear comparatively
clean. *In the House of Commons debate on the trouble
in Greece, Mr. Gallagher made the point that the outcry
against atrocities can itself be unfair—that even the
atrocities are to be envisaged with reference to their
historical explanation. What the men of the Left Wing
will do for the revolutions of the Left the men of die
Right will do for the revolutions of the Right; and
here is the formula for one of the modern forms of
deadlock. It is curious that the world should have been
content for so long to allow itself to be entertained
by a conjuring-trick so transparent—the hen that has
a black patch on the Right Wing seething with moral
indignation against the hen that has a black patch
on the Left.

The truth is that, as we have seen already, we need no